An adventure of Yoga, Meditation, Rafting and Soul-searching

The emerald-green of the Bhagirathi River and the even darker shade of the Alaknanda combined with the clouds gradually growing darker above and the freezing wind on our faces kept us rooted to the spot, all measure of time forgotten. This is where the journey started, the ambitious expedition we planned to undertake.

We gathered in Devprayag, the place alive with energy, and began our rafting expedition; the clouds from the previous day dispersed and the sunlight smeared over the stones and mountains, the water sparkling. The air was alive with our excitement and happy squeals as the raft moved in pace with the river tide, moving high and low and spraying us with water droplets. We went on for quite a while, not realizing the river tide slowing down. Eventually the river came to a slow pace, silence descended upon us, given we were the only raft around and a lone Kayak a little pace ahead. It was calm and quiet save the gentle distant chirping of birds, the gentle rustling of leaves and the river lazily flowing beneath. After a while we gently drifted off towards the shore, disembarked and conducted a meditation session on the river bank, and later explored the shores for a while. We continued the journey, the raft mirroring the river force and we covered around 35 kilometres by the end of the day. We camped on the river bank that night, a blazing bonfire and rich conversations keeping us warm. Exhausted and content with the day we spent, we retired for the night.

As morning arrived, we prepared for the day’s activities as we had to cover another 35 kilometres. We started with a meditation session to freshen up our minds, and boarded our raft again. The river flowing in her gait, and we went on to complete the expedition as we planned. Overall, we covered 70 kilometers in two days, including several meditation sessions along the way which were beautifully conducted in nature’s embrace. We held a bonfire in our camp that night too, laughing merrily as we prepared our meals and drifted off to sleep some time later.

It was an all-round experience; we had adrenaline pumping through our veins, we saw different facets of the river’s gait, the meditation we undertook calming our minds and giving us strength to face our life with renewed energy and hope.

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