A journey for spiritual, mental and physical growth as we trek through Jibhi

They say we can never have enough of the mountains, which is true for most of us. In each visit, we stumble upon something new. We long for newer experiences and delights in the mountains, resulting in a search which led us to a perfect little spot for our retreat – Jibhi. It happens to be a remote hamlet in Himachal Pradesh, hidden in the mountains, hidden by towering Pine trees, untouched by the outside world. It is the perfect spot for a lazy weekend, the silence a blessing to our mind and senses.

The cosy little village is paradise for travellers longing for a vacation in the mountains as the treks around the village are easy and not too exhausting, which is a boon for beginners. The thinly populated village Jibhi is also the home to beautiful dainty streams and waterfalls, and travellers claim to witness double rainbows in the waterfalls!

Despite the comfortable and easy treks, Jibhi provides us with beautiful views, we have a phenomenal view of snow-capped mountains all around us when we trek from Jalori Pass to Raghupur Peak. The lush meadows spread across the valley, the tall oak trees towering over us and the absence of crowds provide us the best environment to carry out our meditation sessions.

In this retreat we will explore Jibhi and take it its healing energy as we involve ourselves in our meditation and Yoga sessions combined with the solitary bliss the mountains provide. The spiritual and physical detoxification through these sessions are rejuvenating, uplifting our mind and soul. Come, be a part of our journey and renew your vigour for life.

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