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Sometime is past

Bell rings…
1. Customer: ‘Hello…Hith Yoga’
1. Hith Yoga: Yes

2. Customer: I am looking for weight loss yoga batch…which batch should I join? I am eyeing at loosing 4/5 kgs in a month
2. Hith Yoga: Yoga will help you in loosing weight but weight loss is not something that you do Yoga for. It is a by-product, it will come but do it for holistic experience!

…ensuing long discussion about objectives, styles of Yoga…work life balance…any specific therapeutic requirements etc

The philosophy is still to help students realize the holistic benefits and we have been able to help them experience the same. Many keep coming back for that overall experience.
But with so many calls and requirement for weight loss batches…great enthusiasm towards loosing those extra inches…We are happy to launch another batch in Gurgaon, with the objective to help customers achieve results.