Healthy Weight LossTired of trying out too many things that could help you reduce weight? Yoga with combination of diet is a perfect way to reduce those extra kgs that you would have put on.
Let us understand it – weight loss with simple mathematical calculation:
Current Weight – Weight burnt + Intake = Resultant weight
But the calculation is not as simple as it looks but it definitely points to a few important things:
1. You need to work on your intake (diet) and choose your food items carefully
2. Your body needs to burn fat at much faster rate then you build it
a. Weight loss due to physical exercise/movements
b. Body’s metabolic activity and the amount your body itself can consume
Point number 1 – (From diet/Lifestyle perspective) – Do the following
a. Reduce the consumption of sugar and starches – As you reduce this, you would be able to use the already existing fat storage
b. Have a diet rich in protein and use low carb vegetables, little fat sources. Typically people cut down on fat and carb simultaneously a lot but this isn’t very healthy and moreover it would make you feel miserable, hence there are higher chances of failure.
c. Decrease the consumption of processed food
d. Also, I would like to specifically mention that consumption of Cow’s Ghee (Clarified Butter) can helpful. Cows milk contains double the quantity of Short Chain Fatty Acids, Medium Chain Fatty Acids as compared to butter. In fact, ‘Ghee has a very unique carbon atom structure, much smaller than the usual and commonly found and rightfully feared saturated fat. This unique carbon atom chain is what gives ghee all its therapeutic, almost magical, properties’ – as per Rujuta Diwekar  Ghee serves as an antioxidant and is good for the immune system because it acts as a medium for the absorption of all fat-soluble vitamins. Besides, it has a high concentration of butyric acids and fatty acids that contain antiviral properties.
f. Get a good night sleep as not having good sleep leads to weight gain.
Point number 2 – (Physical movements)
a. You could choose the physical exercise based on your temperament. There are plenty of options you could choose Yoga, sports or running what ever suits you well. Yoga can certainly become a complimentary practice to any other form of exercise. Yoga asanas work on both physical and psychological levels, providing necessary boost to organs and body parts leading to better internal energy management and helping you also curb your penchant to overeating. With variety of Asanas (postures) and styles of Yoga asanas that could suit you, it could be your right choice to reduce weight.